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SKY FISH BALTIJA is a modern fish processing company in Latvia.

SIA SKY FISH BALTIJA is a modern fish processing company in Latvia. The project is supported by European Funds.

The fish processing factory is built using new technologies has been operating since 2019. The production uses modern equipment that meets international standards, which makes it possible to efficiently produce a large volume of high-quality products

We produce over 100 tons of products per month.

The main volume of production consists of salmon and trout processing.

We use raw material of superior quality, delivered from the northernmost point of Norway. The raw material is delivered to Latvia in an ice cooled (not frozen) state to preserve the highest quality of the fish.

Our production has full certification, including kosher certificate OU.


High-quality products of SKY FISH BALTIJA have proven themselves all over the world - our customers are companies from Israel, Germany, France, USA, Australia and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

We put a lot of effort into our business and are proud of the achieved results.


In production, we use cooled fresh fish that is smoked no later than 4 days from the moment it is caught from the water.

All fish is hand-selected to ensure premium quality. Within hours after picking, we begin salting and smoking using natural materials in a time-perfected process. The result of slow smoking is one of the finest fish products on the market. Alder wood smoke, natural ingredients and polished to perfection process blend in a perfectly balanced product that pairs with an endless number of servings, dishes and recipes.

High-quality products of SKY FISH BALTIJA are in high demand in all markets of the world.


SKY FISH BALTIJA offers high-quality products for wholesale and retail trade.

Types of fish: salmon, trout, oilfish, halibut

Types of processing: raw, lightly salted, smoked, frozen

Types of portioning: whole gutted fish (2-7 kilograms), fillet, fillet slices (100 grams - 1 kilogram, weighted fillet), portions (100-200 grams)

Whole salmon
Fillet long
Lightly salted trout


Showing salmon expert

The SKY FISH BALTIJA factory is located in Latvia at Ezermalas street 7A, Liepaja LV-3401.

Production is carried out on modern equipment in compliance with all sanitary and technological standards. Production combines manual and automated processes for the most efficient and high quality results.

Raw material undergo manual salting, however, upon customer’s request, we can also do injection salting. Our time-perfected process of cold smoking provides consistently excellent results. Our modern cutting equipment allows to make slices of different thickness. We also have an individual shock freezing chamber.

The modern biological laboratory provides a high level of control.

Our production has full certification, including OU kosher certificate.

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Office - Riga:

Address: Akmenu street 13-3, Riga, Latvia, LV-1048.

+371 29213731
+371 26173187 (for inquiries in English)

Open hours:
Mon.-Fri. 09:00 - 18:00
Sat. Sun. office closed

Company details:

Company: SIA Sky Fish Baltija

Address: Akmenu str. 13-3, Riga, Latvia, LV-1048

VAT No: LV 40203352955

Bank: Baltic International Bank


IBAN: LV82BLIB1001032846001

Production (factory) - Liepaja:

Address: Ezermalas street 7A, Liepaja, Latvia, LV-3401.

+371 29213731
+371 26173187 (for inquiries in English)

We are always open for new cooperation opportunities.

For wholesale and cooperation inquiries, please write to us: